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The Riak product line of distributed databases is built on a set of core services providing a highly reliable, scalable distributed systems framework. Riak KV is a distributed NoSQL database. Riak TS is built on the same core foundation as Riak KV and is highly optimized for IoT and time series data. Riak also integrates with Riak S2 to optimize large object storage, and integrates with other data services including Apache Spark, Redis Caching, Apache Solr, and Apache Mesos.


Big Data applications require data all of the time.


Performance scales easily to meet your application requirements.


Reads and writes non-stop, regardless of outages or network partitions.


Adds automation and efficiency to minimize manual processes.



Ensure your Big Data, IoT and hybrid cloud applications scale and your data is always available.

Distributed NoSQL Database
Riak KV is a distributed NoSQL database that is highly available, scalable and easy to operate. It automatically distributes data across the cluster to ensure fast performance and fault-tolerance. Riak KV Enterprise includes multi-cluster replication ensuring low-latency and robust business continuity.

NoSQL for Time Series Data
Riak TS is a distributed NoSQL database optimized for time series data. By co-locating time series data, Riak TS provides faster reads and writes making it easier to store, query, and analyze time and location data. Like Riak KV, Riak TS is highly available, scalable, and easy to operate at scale.



Architected for public, private, and hybrid clouds, Riak helps you build highly resilient, scalable and easy-to-operate Big Data and IoT applications. Riak easily integrates with a variety of Big Data technologies, including Apache Spark, Redis Caching, Apache Solr, and Apache Mesos.

In-memory analytics.
The Apache Spark™ connector for Riak makes in-memory analytics of IoT and other Big Data easy and scalable. The data movement between Riak and Spark clusters is optimized to reduce network and processing overhead. Built-in resiliency ensures data availability.

High availability and auto-sharding included.
Integration with Redis caching improves application performance while built-in cluster management, high availability, data synchronization, and automatic data sharding make Redis enterprise-grade.

Write it like Riak. Query it like Solr.
Combining the full text search power of Solr with the availability and scalability of Riak KV, the Apache™ Solr add-on for Riak automatically synchronizes search indexes as data changes and makes it easy to query Riak data sets using Solr’s integrated search.

Manage your resources wisely
Integration with Mesos makes it easy to deploy Riak and Mesos together. The Riak Mesos Framework enables better resource management and "push button" scale-up / scale- down for Riak nodes.

Object Storage Software
Providing simple, available, distributed object storage for public, private or hybrid clouds, Riak S2 is more cost-effective than traditional storage at petabyte-scale and is compatible with Amazon S3 and OpenStack Swift for easy integration into existing production workloads.


Riak KV, Riak TS and Riak S2 Enterprise are commercially licensed products that ensure you have the operational tools, features and customer support you need for your critical Big Data applications.


Open source versions of Riak KV, Riak TS and Riak S2 are available under the Apache 2 license for use by the large and growing community of engineers, architects, academics and enthusiasts who are committed to solving the complex problems of distributed systems.

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World’s data doubling every
two years
(Source: IDC)


28 billion IoT devices to be operational
by 2020
(Source: IDC)


50% of Enterprises will use hybrid cloud by 2017
(Source: Gartner)

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