About Riak

Bringing zen to the deluge of data.

Riak delivers highly available, scalable distributed systems that are easy to operate at enterprise scale for empowering applications to store and retrieve unstructured data and easily manage active data workloads.

Becoming one with Big Data.

The Riak Data Platform forms the foundation for reducing the complexity of integrating and deploying active workloads for Big Data, IoT and hybrid cloud applications with today’s most flexible and available NoSQL database, Riak KV, Riak’s large object storage software, Riak S2, Riak’s time series optimized database, Riak TS, and add-ons for Apache Spark, Redis and Apache Solr.

Seeking the path to data simplicity.

Riak KV, Riak S2 and Riak TS allow organizations to transcend the chaos of unstructured Big Data in enterprise IT environments with solutions that assure the high availability, fault tolerance, scalability and operational simplicity needed to store session, user or device data or a variety of other uses.

Expanding awareness. Embracing change.

Riak customers span a broad range of industries with more than one-third of Fortune 50 companies deploying it to power their Big Data applications and a growing number of users are turning to Riak for solutions when mission-critical, revenue generating applications need to scale rapidly, predictably and reliably.

Our journey. Your destination.

Founded in 2008, Riak was one of the first distributed systems companies dedicated to developing disruptive technology to simplify the most critical data management challenges for enterprises.

It currently has one of the largest and most talented groups of engineers and technical experts ever assembled, devoted exclusively to solving some of the most complex issues presented by scaling distributed systems.

Riak also enjoys a large and growing following among influential programmers, architects and academics, and is the organizer of RICON, a distributed systems conference that brings together many of today’s leading luminaries in the expanding universe of enlightened distributed database management.