Brand Guidelines


The Riak logo must never be altered without prior permission of Riak Technologies. The logo should only be reproduced from master digital artwork supplied specifically for this purpose by Riak’s Marketing Department.

For permission or further clarification of usage, please contact: marketing [at]


Logo Parameters

Do not skew, distort or stretch the logo. Do not add dimension or gradient effects to the logo.


All company logos must be presented in either horizontal or vertical arrangement depending on the use case and the space between the logo itself and the text is immovable. The font of company logos are always in Century Gothic. Do not change the font or kerning on any of the Riak logos.


Riak has a specific logo for inverse color, or white on black/dark background. Do not simply invert the logo.



Do NOT use the logos with additional design elements. Do not combine Riak visual elements together or with other brands (such as the Riak logo).


The use of the Riak International logo is allowed with permission from the Riak Marketing Department, as it is not our typical branding.

Riak visual elements and brand signatures should not be used by outside parties without obtaining written approval from Riak Marketing.


Color Palette

The Riak color palette is as follows, with hex and spot color provided:


Partner Logo

When using the Riak logo alongside other logos:

partner_logo_1Always ensure the other logos appear equal in stature.

partner_logo_2Never place the Riak logo closer than the minimum clear space from the Riak logo (1/3 of the logo away).

Other Brand Nuances

  • If you use a gradient, it may only be VERY LIGHT. Riak branding does not work with high intensity shadow or gradients.
  • Please be sure the elements in your design are aligned and anchored to other elements.
  • When printing Riak Branding materials and logos, be sure to knock out the white beneath the logo so no overprinting and distortion of color occurs.
  • Do not use color variations other than those shown for the logos and included in the palette.

Talking About Riak and Products

Talking About Riak

When speaking about Riak, please use the following descriptions where applicable:

Short version: Riak Technologies is a distributed systems company that created and develops Riak KV and Riak TS, the world’s most resilient NoSQL distributed databases.


Riak, the creator of the world’s most resilient databases, is dedicated to developing disruptive technology that simplifies enterprises’ most critical distributed systems data management challenges. Riak has attracted one of the most talented groups of engineers and technical experts ever assembled devoted exclusively to solving some of the most complex issues presented by Big Data and IoT. Riak’s distributed database, Riak® KV, the industry leading distributed NoSQL database, is used by fast growing Web businesses and by one-third of the Fortune 50 to power their critical Web, mobile and social applications. Built on the same foundation, Riak introduced Riak TS, which is the first enterprise-ready NoSQL database specifically optimized to store, query and analyze time series data.

Talking About Riak technologies and our Products

When referring to Riak, Riak KV, Riak TS or Riak S2, please use “Riak Riak” and/or “Riak Riak TS” in the first mention of either product.

When speaking about Riak, Riak KV, Riak TS or Riak S2, please use the following taglines where applicable:

Riak KV: Riak is an open source distributed database that’s architected for high availability, fault-tolerance and scalability.

  • Always link to the Riak page – /products/

Riak TS: Riak TS open source (come April 2016) distributed database optimized for time series data, built on top of Riak.

  • Always link to the Riak TS page –
  • When referring to Riak TS, always include a space between “Riak” and “TS.”

Riak S2: Riak S2 is open source, large object storage built on top of Riak KV. It can be used to build public or private clouds, or as reliable storage to power applications and services.

  • Always link to the Riak S2 page – /riak-s2/
  • When referring to Riak S2, always include a space between “Riak” and “S2.”

When referring to Riak KV Enterprise, Riak TS Enterprise or Riak S2 Enterprise, always spell out multi-cluster replication and never abbreviate.