RIAK S2 Object Storage Software


Riak® S2 is a highly available, scalable, easy-to-operate object storage software solution that’s optimized for holding videos, images, and other files. It provides simple but powerful storage for large objects built for private, public, and hybrid clouds.

The sky’s the limit for simple, scalable storage

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Whether you need large object storage for applications or you’re building a service offering, Riak’s Riak S2 provides a cost-effective solution that’s highly available, scalable and simple to use for storing all your images, text, video, documents, database backups and software binaries.

Optimized for public, private or hybrid clouds, Riak S2 is Amazon S3- and OpenStack Swift-compatible, has robust APIs, and scales easily to handle petabytes of data using commodity software that provides near-linear performance increases as capacity is added.

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Powerful functionality that keeps your Big Data applications running smoothly.

CommercialVs. Open Source

Five configurations are designed to satisfy your specific database requirements.

Riak S2 Open Source Riak S2 Developer Riak S2 Pro Riak S2 Enterprise Riak S2 Enterprise Plus
Large object support and multi-part upload Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Masterless with Built-In Replication Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
S3-Compatible API and authentication Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Multi-tenancy and per-user reporting Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Robust stats for monitoring and metrics Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Multi-Datacenter Replication Yes Yes Yes
SNMP/JMX Support Yes Yes Yes
Riak Baseline and Health Check Yes
Riak Engineering Support M-F 9-5 M-F 9-5 24x7x365 24x7x365
Onsite Review and Health Check 2x/year
Online Ticket Tracking Yes Yes Yes Yes
Emergency Patches Yes Yes
SLA 24 hour 4 hour 1 hour 30 minutes
License Type Apache 2 Commercial Apache 2 Commercial Commercial


How does multi-tenancy, authentication and reporting work?

Riak S2 supports the standard S3 authentication scheme with support for header and query string authorization and exposes an interface for user creation, disablement and credential management that can be set so only administrators can create new users. Administrators have special privileges that include being able to retrieve a list of all system users and can query account information for any user. Once issued credentials, users can authenticate, create buckets, upload and download files, retrieve account information, obtain new credentials or disable their account through the API.

Riak S2 also exposes storage, usage and network statistics that support use cases like accounting, subscription, billing or multi-group utilization for public or private clouds. Riak S2 will report information on how much storage a user is consuming and the network operations related to access and will expose this data via an HTTP interface that can be queried on the default time span “now” or as a range from start to end time. Access statics are reported as bytes in and bytes out for both object and bucket operations and can be scheduled for a set interval or manually triggered.

What’s the difference between Riak S2 and Riak S2 Enterprise?

In addition to including 24/7 enterprise-level service and support, Riak S2 Enterprise can be configured for bi-directional replication and provides multi-cluster replication. For multi-cluster replication, Riak S2 streams global information for users, bucket information, and manifests in real time from a primary implementation to a secondary site so a global state is maintained across locations. Objects can then be replicated in either full sync or real-time sync mode and the secondary site will replicate the object in normal operations. Data centers can also be created to increase availability zones or add data redundancy and local support.

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