Apache Mesos Integration

The Riak Mesos Framework enables the provisioning and management of large Riak clusters deployed with Apache Mesos allowing better resource utilization in your clusters.


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Distributed applications must be highly resilient and scalable. The integration of Riak and Mesos through the Apache Mesos Framework makes it easy to deploy and manage Riak KV and Riak TS clusters at enterprise scale, allows fine-grained resource utilization, and provides enhanced resilience against failures.

Why Apache Mesos and Riak?

Apache Mesos is becoming a common choice for highly scalable Big Data applications. Apache Mesos is a cluster manager that abstracts CPU, memory, storage, and other compute resources enabling fault-tolerant and elastic distributed systems. By integrating Riak with Mesos, customers no longer need to guess about the infrastructure requirements of their Riak nodes. Resource management is optimized by Mesos. With Riak managing the data tier and Mesos managing the underlying infrastructure, customers can efficiently and easily scale distributed applications. The integration also allows for true “push button” scale up/scale down as Mesos can aggregate and re-aggregate resources for Riak nodes.

Riak KV and Riak TS are integrated with Apache Mesos using the Riak Mesos Framework. Apache Mesos provides a set of APIs so that distributed systems technology, like Riak, can run in a Mesos environment. The service management is performed by the implementation of a Mesos Scheduler and the tasks are performed by implementation of a Mesos Executor. Additionally, Riak Mesos Framework has been integrated with Marathon and DC/OS CLI.

Apache Mesos with Riak ensures your Big Data and IoT applications are available, scalable, and easy to operate at scale.

“Companies using traditional architectures are struggling to accommodate the need for distributed applications and distributed data services,” said Dave McCrory, Chief Technology Officer at Riak. “By combining Riak’s Riak with Mesos, we’re able to deliver an easy-to-deploy platform for real-time data processing. We thereby enable a new class of modern datacenter developers who can break free of infrastructure restraints and give rise to a whole new class of hyper-scale applications.”

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Cluster Management with Mesos
With the Riak Scheduler, cluster management is easy and ensures that your cluster is fault tolerant.


Riak Cluster Communication
The Riak Executor keeps communication flowing across the Riak Cluster in Mesos.


Connect from outside Mesos
Director is a smart proxy application that runs alongside Riak client applications. It removes the need to update Riak client configuration when Mesos adds, removes, or re-launches Riak nodes.


Part of the Mesosphere Universe
DC/OS makes Mesos enterprise-grade. Riak Mesos Framework supports Marathon, DC/OS CLI and Mesos DNS.


Intuitive Web UI
Riak Explorer is an integral part of the Riak Mesos Framework that provides an intuitive GUI to view Riak cluster nodes, configuration, and data. Riak Explorer is easily reachable from the Mesos GUI.


Automate operations
Riak Mesos Framework uses Mesos HTTP APIs and supports advanced features such as Persistent Volumes and Dynamic Reservations.