NoSQL Databases Explained

Achieve a higher state of simplicity and reliability with Riak Add-ons.

Big Data applications never stand alone. They’re highly distributed and comprised of multiple components that include NoSQL databases, caching and in-memory analytics as well as separate configuration and resource management. Just keeping it all running and available takes a considerable commitment of effort and resources.


The Riak Data Platform takes the difficulty out of doing this by integrating Riak with Add-on Service Instances so you can:

  • Easily replicate and synchronize data from Riak KV to Redis cache in your Big Data application
  • Make Redis enterprise-grade with built-in cluster management, high availability and automatic data sharding
  • Integrate in-memory analytics with Apache Spark and Riak KV
  • Automatically manage a completely integrated Spark cluster without using Zookeeper or creating this capability yourself


Apache Spark Add-on

Integrate memory analytics with Spark.

REDIS Add-on

Achieve high availability and auto-sharding with Redis.


Write it like Riak; query it like Solr.