Helping Enterprises Build More Resilient Applications
When Accurate Data Matters

To address global audiences modern web and IoT applications must be built to be highly distributed. But this presents a few challenges.

Distributed Systems Challenges:

  • Data Availability
  • Data Accuracy
  • Cost of Scale

At Riak, we are distributed systems experts and we work with Application teams to overcome these distributed system challenges.

Riak’s Riak® is a distributed NoSQL database that delivers:

  • Unmatched Resiliency beyond typical “high availability” offerings
  • Innovative technology to ensure data accuracy and never lose a write
  • Massive scale on commodity hardware
  • Common code foundation with true multi-model support

Riak® provides all this, while still focused on ease of operations.

Chose Riak® KV flexible key-value data model for web scale profile and session management, real-time big data, catalog, content management, customer 360, digital messaging, and more use cases.

Chose Riak® TS for IoT and time series use cases.

Developer Resources


Riak and our Community provide a range of Support and Professional Services designed to meet the needs of open source and Enterprise customers.


Download and experience open source Riak and connectors for popular distributed systems technologies like Spark and Mesos.


Our Community page is the place to find information on Open Source projects, developer conversation forums, and information Riak’s developer recognition program.


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Featured Tools & Training

  • Riak Explorer – provides browsing and admin capabilities for Riak.


When seconds of latency can cost thousands of dollars and an outage millions, the call for scalable, highly available databases that are easy to operationalize is resoundingly clear. Riak performs as promised and keeps the lights on.

After a stringent evaluation process, we decided that Riak’s flexible, scalable database was best-suited to our needs.

- Martin Davies, CEO of Technology, bet365

Initiatives such as integrating Riak KV with Redis and Apache Solr have the potential to ease our future development workload considerably.

- Jason Ordway, CTO, ShopKeep POS

They (Riak) have worked with us in a true partnership fashion to keep up with our rapidly scaling business and have always addressed our concerns in a timely manner.

- Matt Davis, Site Reliability Engineer at OpenX

Today, we now see peaks well over 250,000 operations per second, all while sustaining sub-millisecond response times and rock solid stability. Despite this massive change in growth, we still do not employ any full-time engineers to work on our Riak cluster. It’s really that easy to use.

- Wes Jossey, Head of Operations at Tapjoy

Riak has been a valuable partner in our transformation and Riak has proven to be a critical component as the NoSQL distributed database powering our new platform.

- Bryson Koehler, EVP and CIO, The Weather Company

My experience with Riak has been that the core promise of being an available, scalable, minimal operational support, key-value store delivers as advertised.

- Matt Ranney, Senior Staff Engineer, Uber